Add Your Stories and Memories By Neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Connect with both Old and New  Friends.
Share Stories about where you live now or where you grew up.
Today,  Neighborhoods-of-Brooklyn gives you this ability.

Neighborhoods-of-Brooklyn is a fun place that’s a different experience than FaceBook.

Neighborhoods-of-Brooklyn gives you options to:

  • Search by Brooklyn Neighborhoods,
  • Search  without being blocked,
  • Not being interrupted be seeing unwanted ads over and over,
  • Not having  rules and regulations shoved down your throat,
  • Update your knowledge about Brooklyn’s neighborhoods and
  • Not having personal attacks where, no matter what you say or do, some keyboard commando attacks you for no other reason than they feel they have “power”.

Neighborhoods-of-Brooklyn lets you:

  • Search for information about your neighborhood,
  • Help you connect with your new and old friends,
  • Helps you find friends you grew up with,
  • Find out about “goings on in Brooklyn”,
  • Become your local candy store, bar, corner where friends hang out,
  • Lets you know where’s the best shopping, store, pizza near you and
  • Read up on Brooklyn history.

Think of Neighborhoods-of-Brooklyn as:

  • Your morning Brooklyn newspaper,
  • A place to share stories and memories,
  • A place to hangout after work,
  • A fun place,
  • Even a reminder about how much you miss a Nathans hotdog!

Easily add your stories, memories, recommendations about places to go, videos, etc.


is a shortcut to all things Brooklyn,

it’s about your stories and memories

of where you grew up and/or

where in Brooklyn you are now living.

The top menu has links to:

Jim Maher

ADD YOUR STORY OR MEMORY: CLICK HERE. You add your story by typing in your name and e-mail address (email address in NOT SHARED, it allows us to verify you're real) Then add your text and images.

PUBLISHED NEIGHBORHOOD STORIES/MEMORIES: CLICK HERE  TO READ (only neighborhoods with a story/memory will show up).

Basically two rules: No Spam, No politics! Break the rules and you go to the Principals office! If you have a negative comment about a business put in on yelp.

ADVERTISING: If you have a book, song, product you want to let other Brooklynites know about I’ll be glad to help you get the word out. Click Here for details.

If anyone is interested in becoming a "REPORTER" for the site, let me know. I could use a few Jimmy Olson's or Louis Lane's to write about Brooklyn happenings, Brooklyn images, songs, videos, etc. "Stuff" that Brooklynites would like to know about.

VIDEOS: If you have a video you would like to add or add another section, let me know. You can see the video page here. I do want to add a section on what my Italian friends would like to hear, just need the YouTube Link.


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